2000 Ford Superduty
Garmin Nuvi Mounting Bracket

I wanted to mount my Nuvi 660 in a place convenient to touching the screen, not in my windshield view, and convenient to see and hear it. I decided it would best be placed directly in front of my speedometer, about two inches behind the plane of my steering wheel. 

When mounted, I can't read the speedometer, but the Nuvi's Trip Data page is a highly accurate speedometer, and is a great substitute.  I can still view all my gauges and trip odometer. The sky is clearly "visible" to the antenna.

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2" x  8" x .061" 2024 aluminum
(This will be fine-trimmed in length later)

A "duct mount" suitable for a Garmin
(With a 17mm "ball" mounting, about $4,
available on eBay. You will modify this)

4 ea #4-40 x 1/4" stainless pan-head screws
4 ea #4-40 nuts for above
Small amount of blue LocTite

1-1/2" x 4" felt or terry cloth material
A small amount of fabric adhesive

Building the Mount

After receiving the vent mount, cut off anything behind the "flange" surface that the ball and its post are attached to.  This will leave you a ball, post, and a mounting plate surface.  Discard all the rest.  A disk sander or equivilent is useful for this step.

Begin bending the aluminum by noting that the tight, u-shaped bend at one end is at a slight angle to the axis of the piece.  That's to match the angle the instrument panel piece is at directly in front of the driver, and allows the piece to "hook" over the panel and go straight back toward the driver. This u-bend is bent over a 1/4" bolt or drill shank. 

Shape the flat piece of aluminum to the contour of the instrument panel bezel, and bring the piece down to vertical for at least an inch and a half after reaching the edge of the panel.  Cut to length. Paint flat black.

Put the balled flange against the vertical surface and drill four holes to mount the flange to the aluminum. Use stainless hardware to attach flange to aluminum.

Cut to size and glue fabric to the back side of bracket.


Pop loose the driver's side instrument panel bezel and hook the bracket directly in the center-line of the driver's view behind the steering wheel.

Attach Nuvi adapter and power cord.  Attach Nuvi.

How It Looks

The Nuvi's screen ends up being just a few inches behind the steering wheel, and I can easily reach it without being distracted.
Besides navigation, it also doubles as an MP3 player, and it runs directly into my radio through an AUX port I had installed.

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