SuperDuty Cab Clearance
Light Installation

As done by FTE's "mind"

Install Time: 3-4 Hours

Special Tools: 1/2" electricians knockout tool (~$25)
Five each: Ford p/n  6C3Z-15442-A marker lamps (~$10each)
One each: Ford p/n  1C3Z-15A404-AA wiring harness (~$35)

Recon smoked lens kit: 264142BK (~$40) or
Recon clear lens kit: 264142CL or
Recon "super-white" kit: 264142SW

This is really pretty easy to do, but you've got to really work up the nerve to start drilling holes in your nice expensive truck. Be sure to double or triple check your measurements before drilling!

The first thing to do is to drop the headliner down in the front so you can work behind it.  It would be better yet to remove it, but that's not the easiest thing to do, especially in a crew-cab.

Click on them to enlarge most photos.

To start off, measure 5.5" from the rear edge of the windshield rubber gasket and put tape across so that the paint won't flake. You also have something to mark on. Now, starting in the middle where the rear view mirror is on the windshield, measure and mark the starting point on the tape. There are also "ribs" stamped in the roof, so you can use those as well to check that you have the exact center.

The first one is in the center of the cab roof, five and a half inches back from the rear edge of the windshield gasket. From there, the next two will be centered at 8 inches out on each side. The final two will be centered at 21 inches out from center. Just set the lights in place and check them to look reasonable.

When everything looks good, work up the nerve to start drilling. Beer helps! Start small and use progressively larger drills until getting to the proper size for the punch. Get them all drilled and then use the knockout tool to take them out to size.

The holes come out really clean with the knockout punch.

Now, make a little template from the light so you can get the stud holes aligned and drilled properly. Make this template carefully! A lot of your success rides on it! Double check the placement (be sure they face perfectly straight forward) and mark them.

Drill the holes and clean them up for the install. Use some clear silicone around the socket and studs on the light themselves. Put them on and put more around the socket and studs on the inside, then tighten them down.

To install the wiring harness, you have to pull off the side pillar cover and lower passenger side kick panel. After you take off the grab handle with the four 8mm bolts, just pull on the covers and they will pop out. Put some electrical tape (Scotch 33+) or other additional insulation anywhere a wire passes over a sharp metal edge or corner. You don't want any electrical shorts in the future!

The harness plugs into a connector waiting for it behind the passenger's "kick panel".

It came out very nice and clean, and looks "factory"!


write: SpringerPop

Last updated 04/03/10
Used with permission, Copyright 2008-2010, FTE's "mind"