2000 Ford Diesel Superduty
Fuel Filtration

The expensive injectors on a diesel engine demand extremely clean fuel.

To make sure, I have installed a Dahl-100 filtration system similar to that used on diesel engines in boats.  I chose to go with a Dahl filter system, as they are among the very best of filter / water separator manufacturers, and they have been providing these for decades to the most demanding locations.

This one is mounted in the pre-pump (suction) side of the tank-to-pump fuel line. The two-micron filter elements are what I use, and this leaves the Ford's stock 10-micron filter virtually clean all the time.

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Dahl-100  with mounting bracket and fittings

Hardware store:
Grade 8 bolts, nuts, washers as appropriate
4 feet SAE 3/8" fuel hose
8 ea - stainless screw-type fuel hose clamps
Wire ties

Where I Mounted It

With a little bit of hole-enlarging, and some longer seat-mounting bolts, the Dahl's bracket will mount to the underside of the floor pan, just aft of the transfer case. Changing the seat bolts with longer ones won't be the easiest thing you've ever done. I used the metric equivelant of Grade 8's, long enough so that about an inch sticks out underneath afterwards. A Dremel grinder works very well to make the holes in the bracket fit the bolts.

Mounting Bracket

Make sure that you use diesel-rated fuel hose, and double clamp them using fuel-sized stainless screw-clamps. The hoses go to the stock fuel hard-line, and the inlet to the fuel pump. Make sure you get the flow running in the correct direction. Note the small piece of orange foam rubber siliconed onto the transfer case to act as a bumper in case the Dahl's bolts ever become loose and it starts swinging on the bracket. It shouldn't, but it could. Even though the Dahl is a pretty good-sized filter, it's still tucked up above the skid-plate for protection.

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