2000 Ford Superduty

Common Automotive Fuses

The following are the commonly-available fuses for each size group.

Size (width at top):
  7/16" 3/4" 1-5/32" 0.47"
Commonly called:
  Mini Regular Maxi JCASE
Current rating:
0.5 A
  N/A Dk blue N/A N/A
1 A
  N/A Black N/A N/A
2 A
  Gray Gray N/A N/A
3 A
  Violet Violet N/A N/A
4 A
  Pink Pink N/A N/A
5 A
  Tan Tan N/A N/A
7.5 A
  Brown Brown N/A N/A
10 A
  Red Red N/A N/A
15 A
  Blue Blue N/A N/A
20 A
  Yellow Yellow Yellow Blue
25 A
  Clear Clear Gray White
30 A
  Green Green Green Pink
35 A
  Blue/Green Blue/Green Brown N/A
40 A
  Orange Orange Orange Green
50 A
  N/A N/A Red Red
60 A
  N/A N/A Blue Yellow
70 A
  N/A N/A Amber/tan N/A
80 A
  N/A N/A Clear N/A
100 A
  N/A N/A Violet N/A
120 A
  N/A N/A Purple N/A
N/A - Not Available

2000 SuperDuty Under-Dash Fuses:

2000 SuperDuty Under-Hood Fuses:

Note: The last four fuses in the above listing, #38 through 41, are
found in two additional "doghouses" adjacent to the main fuse box.

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